Why CMT Janitorial Services?

CMT Janitorial cleans and services over 80 buildings per week in the Northwest Metro area of Minneapolis. CMT Janitorial prides itself on extremely low employee turnover, relative to high industry averages. We have lead managers and cleaners who have been with us for more than 15 years. This allows us to provide a consistent and excellent clean, with cleaners who take pride in cleaning your building.

CMT Janitorial has high client retention. Many of our clients have been with CMT for more than 10 years. CMT has never lost a client due to service.

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About CMT and Our History

CMT Janitorial has been in business for over 16 years. Started in 2003, the original owner, Marcia Youngquist, built an excellent client base. In 2016, Marcia sold the company to George and Julie Karos. Marcia is still closely involved with CMT, but Julie and George have continued the strong relationships with its established client base, and continue to grow the business with new clients. CMT Janitorial services over 75 buildings on a daily and weekly basis, in which we perform weekly and monthly quality control checks.

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